We consciously connect humans with businesses to help both thrive.

We’re creating a new model of travel and lifestyle recruitment. A relationship-driven approach to head-hunting and business consultancy that helps individuals and businesses develop before, during, and after hiring. All the while working towards greater diversity and inclusion in our industry.


We believe you should be the change you want to see.


Let’s be honest: travel and lifestyle recruitment sucks. For an industry built on relationships and transformational experiences, hiring practices are often detached and inhuman. But we do things differently. 

We treat people like humans.

We believe building long-lasting relationships is the best way to do business. Because we put people before profits, we’ll never send you candidates we don’t believe in, or put you forward for a role that isn’t right for you. 

We actually give a sh*t.

We genuinely love the travel and lifestyle industry. Aside from years of experience and a little book packed with relevant contacts, we truly want to see the industry – and the people in it – grow and succeed. That makes us a great ally.

We’re pushing for positive change.

It’s no secret the travel and lifestyle industry lacks diversity, or that its recruitment processes are unfair – it’s just no one talks about it. But we do, because we think taking ownership of our industry’s issues is crucial to overcoming them. 


We let our work do the talking  

Making our clients and candidates happy is what matters most to us. So, why not read what they have to say?

“What really sets Lightning apart is how much they get to know the companies they are recruiting for and how much they got to know me. Talking to any of the team, I could be completely myself, which not only made the process a joy, it also meant I feel confident that the job I accepted is the right role for me, aligned to my priorities and values. Lightning have been my biggest champions, cheering me on throughout.”

Hannah Busby - Noteworthy Experiences

“Chris is the recruiter extraordinaire, personable, fun, human, and CARES about his candidates when so many recruiters don't. I couldn't recommend him more highly.”

Mathilde Merchez

Awesome opportunities