So you're hiring for luxury lifestyle jobs?

There’s a certain alchemy in luxury lifestyle recruitment. Because luxury lifestyle jobs are so much more than a nine-to-five: they really are a way of life. The best candidates are consistently curious, endlessly approachable, always enthusiastic. They needn’t be the life and soul of the party, but they sure are the best damn party planner there ever was.

That’s why hiring for luxury lifestyle jobs requires a tailored approach. Forget tick-box exercises and stacks of CVs with no personality. You need a recruiter who’ll really get to know your business’ needs and headhunt that human-shaped jigsaw piece to perfectly complete the picture.


Our Current Lifestyle Roles

'Lifestyle' is our middle name

Aside from being self-professed socialites with an ever-expanding to-go list of the latest openings and cultural hot spots, our team’s cross-industry experience means our collective little book is practically a who’s-who of the luxury lifestyle and hospitality industry.

Whether you’re looking for a luxury travel advisor, a lifestyle manager, or a luxury homes manager – you name it: we know the people you want to be in touch with.

But what really sets us apart is our approach to luxury lifestyle recruitment. We don’t just fill jobs: we consciously connect humans with businesses to help both thrive.

We meet every candidate before you ever hear about them, so if we recommend someone, you can be sure we’ve spotted something special. Plus, we offer end-to-end advice on how to refine your recruitment process and build your employer brand, so you consistently attract the top talent.


Don't just take our word for it though...

“What really sets Lightning apart is how much they get to know the companies they are recruiting for and how much they got to know me. Talking to any of the team, I could be completely myself, which not only made the process a joy, it also meant I feel confident that the job I accepted is the right role for me, aligned to my priorities and values. Lightning have been my biggest champions, cheering me on throughout.”

Hannah Busby - Noteworthy Experiences

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