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Competition is tough right now thanks to Miss Rona.

The job market has gone from most people in jobs to the industry being hit pretty hard, but it will bounce back and if you're looking to stay in the industry or even if you're new to it then let us know!

We're anticipating roles to become more readily available in the coming months but in the meantime feel free to quiz us on industry insights, look over your CV or just have a chat. We honestly don't know what the market will look like in terms of roles in the future, but we do know it will have to change.

It's also worth noting we won't market to your email address (unless you sign up for job alerts) and it will only ever be one of the team contacting you personally, so you know when you see our name pop up it's a role that is 100% the right fit for you.


Remember though, play nice. 

Lightning is all about upholding values and working together as an industry and we'd ask you to follow these simple rules if you'd like to work with us:

Please do not continuously bombard us with emails and phone-calls. In return we'll be able to provide everyone with personalised service, not just those who shout loudest.

Please don't ghost us mid-interview process. In return we'll give you all the support you need throughout it.

Please prepare accordingly for any interviews you are shortlisted for. In return we'll continue to put you forward for roles you are suited to.

Please respect our decision if we tell you that you aren't suited to a particular role. In return we'll continue to maintain close relationships with epic clients so that nobody's time is wasted.

Remember, we are human too and we truly want to find you your next dream role, but there has to be a fair playing field for everyone...just know we have your best interests at heart. ⚡️


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