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We're here to listen, consult and alleviate recruitment based stress.

We pride ourselves on listening to you, the client and finding out exactly what it is you're after so we're able to tailor our approach to you. In the past we've saved clients money even before sending an email by advising on wages, HR issues and even talking clients down from recruiting at manager level and instead going for a junior.

We'll want to review your current recruitment processes and learn about your business, the culture and staff and problems you've faced in the past. We'll want to keep in touch even once we have found you your superstar to ensure all boxes are ticked for when the candidate starts on day one.

All we ask is that you use us exclusively. We don't work on roles competing against other agencies for the simple reason that we aren't about firing CV's across in a race against time, but are instead looking to find you the right person who will stay for years to come.


Yearning for a truly personalised service?

We are huge believers in the power of personal relationships and will want you to feel like we’re truly an extension of your business. We'll take the time to understand the company culture and values as well as getting to grips with your internal recruitment processes so we can emulate them with our candidates. We’re with you every step of the way.


Swamped from receiving 100's of underwhelming CVs?

Let us help! We are more quality over quantity and we'll provide you with up to 5 video interviewed and shortlisted candidates. These candidates will have been headhunted personally and guarantee you quality, whilst freeing up your time to reply to/vet applications. 

Disclaimer: we can also take all the stress away by handling the entire recruitment process ourselves, so you can focus on running your business  ⚡️

Want to operate a diverse recruitment process but don’t know how?


We've got you covered. We offer clients the option to have CVs submitted with an extensive candidate profile but without the candidate's name or any gender pronouns present. It's a great way to keep an open mind about the person you're looking for and ultimately removing unconscious bias from the recruitment process.

NB: this is not mandatory but is a service we offer if requested.

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