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How do you sum up a hotel? It’s a place to sleep, to meet, to dine, to do. A cultural phenomenon. A community hub. A creative retreat. A hotel is the sum of its people – its guests, yes. But most importantly: hotel staff. Top hospitality industry talent is a rare breed, characterised by warmth, thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and compassion.

It takes some serious reading between the lines to find those qualities hidden among an endless stack of CVs in your hospitality executive search. Which is why a traditional hospitality recruitment agency just can’t hack it. When it comes to hotel executive recruitment, you need someone who’ll go the extra mile to find the ideal attitude for your hotel brand.


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Our heart lies in hotels

For Lightning, it all started in hotels. It was while working with some of the world’s most well-known brands (as well as some of the industry’s best-kept secrets) that we fell in love with the hospitality industry. So we understand how important it is to find the top hotel hires for your intricate, well-oiled machine.

It goes without saying we’ve got the hospitality industry’s top talent on speed dial. But more importantly, it's what we do with those contacts. We don’t just fill roles for hotel jobs: we consciously connect humans with businesses to help both thrive.

We meet every candidate before you ever hear about them, so if we recommend someone you can be sure we’ve spotted something special. Plus, we offer end-to-end advice on how to refine your recruitment process and build your employer brand, so you consistently attract the top talent for your hotel management recruitment.


Don't just take our word for it though....

“I had a great experience with Lightning. First of all, it is extremely generous of them to give up their time to offer free impartial advice to candidates, not in active recruitment processes, and secondly the advice they give is sound, and thoughtful and has invited me to consider points I hadn't thought about before. I would highly encourage anyone looking for jobs in Hotels to work with Lightning!”

Callum Newton - Pan Pacific

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