2020: The year of the recruiter ⚡️

For the first time in many years the luxury travel and lifestyle job market is one where there are more candidates than roles right now...and bl**dy good candidates have found themselves without a role as the industry continues to make redundancies and are reluctant to hire because of the risk of a 'second wave'. 

2020 is when (good) recruiters will shine. Recruiters may be the most important £££ spent and relationship built this year - especially if your internal HR didn't make it past the first round of redundancies. 

Before i waffle on though, remember this key rule: ONLY USE ONE RECRUITER. Do not send a job spec to any old agency and then get annoyed when your phone rings off the hook and your inbox is flooded with out of date CV's...choose one recruiter and stick with them.

Main reasons to use a recruiter right now below:

Reason 1: 'Amazing talent is available right now, why would i need a recruiter?'

Just because awesome candidates are available it is a HUGE mistake to employ them over someone who is at the level the job actually requires. These candidates will tell you until they are blue in the face that the £20K pay-cut role they've applied for is their dream role...spoiler alert: it's not, and they'll leave the second the market returns to any form of normality or they get a better offer somewhere else.

It is also the industry's responsibility to make sure that people are still being paid what is fair in the market and that pay is not driven down by hires like these. Recruiters are thick skinned humans (HI) and can have conversations like these with candidates so they don't even get on your desk in the first instance and you can focus on the best talent that is right for your roles.

Reason 2: Recruitment is a full time job.

If you post a job online right now you will simply not have enough time to get back to candidates personally, you'll p*ss them off and risk your brand getting a bad rep. Don't take my word for it, just google about the guy who got 400+ applications for a bar job in London in under 24hrs. 

Recruiters will be able to headhunt for a role for you and only place relevant and fully vetted candidates on your desk. You'll only ever see 40% of the roles available online as the good recruiters know that headhunting and working behind the scenes is usually how you'll find your superstar. 

Now i can't generalise for all recruiters, but i will also personally get back to all applications from our website too, whether it is good or bad news, which more than anything is what is needed in the job market right now...people just want to be heard and recruiters are there to not only listen, but to save you TIME.

If you're triggered by this article then give our we're here to help hotline a call: 07702132803 and Chris will be pleased to speak to you personally :-)

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