2021, what you saying?

We may be back in lockdown, but this time with a vaccine and a much brighter outlook for the year ahead as travel, hospitality and leisure begins it's comeback against the backdrop of what was an extremely testing 2020.

I wanted to start the year off with some positive news and forecasting for everyone, but also am wary to not jump the gun as to when you'll see travel recruitment back to pre Covid times. So let's start with how it's going...

December was our busiest month since setting up the business, we were interviewing all over the festive period (even on new years eve) and are so thrilled to have secured 3 placements, who all start next week. These companies had been in touch prior to December and the roles are in parts of the sector that haven't been as badly as affected as others (super high end travel, villas etc) but in reality i'm not expecting to see much movement in terms of new roles for the first few weeks of 2021, as companies re-review their situation and look towards the end of the financial year / start of the new one.

Disclaimer: there will be jobs online, just not pre-covid levels for January. 

We are however noticing trends in the types of enquiries we are getting from clients, so are predicting the following to be the most in demand jobs for 2021 across the travel and lifestyle industries:

Top Travel Job Titles for 2021

1. Business Development Manager

2. Digital Marketing Manager

3. Sustainable Tourism Manager 

4. Sales & Marketing Manager

5. Sales Team Leader

6. Marketing Executive

7. Travel Consultant

8. SEO Specialist

9. Operations Manager 

10. Sales Executive

Now don't worry if you don't see a job title you've held before here, companies are looking for people right now, and by that i mean people that are hardworking, will be a good culture fit and suit this new WFH landscape we've found ourselves in. Obviously some of these roles are specialist, for example SEO and Sustainable Tourism roles will be huge this year as agencies seek to increase organic clicks and focus on making tourism more sustainable, the rest however are largely about passion and knowledge of the industry.

I also can't stress enough how important your CV is in helping you stand out right now too, if you still have an old school word document then you're putting yourself at a disadvantage already. Take the time during lockdown to work on this and feel free to book an appointment in at our lightning lounge (it's free) for a 1:1 session. 

Sit tight gang, we're determined to get as many of you back to work as possible, we're all in this together :-)

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