5 ways you know you’re ready to change jobs

A ‘job for life’ is a thing of the past. Consider that 21% of UK working age adults don’t expect to be working in the same industry (let alone role) by 2030 and the average person will have 12 jobs during their lifetime – with 32% of people aged 25 to 44 having considered a career change in the past year – and suddenly your itchy feet don’t feel so odd.

So, how do you know when it’s ‘time’? Here are some surefire clues you’re ready to change jobs…

  1. You clock-watch

It’s actually incredible how slow time can move when you’re bored out of your mind (or actually super busy, but procrastinating like a true champion). You know what they say: “Time flies when you’re having fun”? Well, time also flies when you’re mentally challenged and intellectually stimulated and deriving at least some level of purpose from what you’re doing.

We’ll say it louder for people at the back: Life is short, huns. Don’t waste hours and days and weeks and months and even years of your precious time plopping around in a job that makes you feel like your brain cells are dying at a rate of knots. 

We should point out that what’s mood-food for one person isn’t necessarily for another – that’s the beauty of being the diverse, unique, quirky human you are. Just because a job is great on paper, doesn’t mean it’s for you. Find a role that makes your mind feel fizzy and alive, regardless of what other people think of it.

  1. You get serious Sunday blues

Now, low-level Sunday blues are normal. There aren’t many people who would rather work than do whatever they damn-well like at any given moment, so it’s pretty natural to mourn the end of the weekend (or whenever your time off may be).

But if you genuinely dread going back to work – like, it brings you out in cold sweats/makes you want to get under a duvet and cry/has you desperately thinking up more and more unlikely excuses to pull a sicky – then it’s fair to say something’s probably up.

We don’t know who needs to hear this but: You don’t have to live like this. Not all work is sh*t. In fact, find the right job and you may actually find yourself looking forward (even if just a teensy weensy bit) to cracking on with that project, or chatting to your clients, or at the very least catching up with your work pals about their weekend shenanigans. There is another way – why not just take a lot at our current jobs and see if anything catches your eye?

  1. Your attitude sucks

Ever worked with one of those neggy people who have absolutely nothing positive to say about their work, their company, their teammates, or basically anything at all? If you haven’t, the chances are you are that person… But seriously.

Take a long, hard look at yourself: can you honestly say you are your best self at work? Do you radiate positive energy to the people around you, or suck the living bejesus out of them? Are all the things you b*tch about on a near-hourly basis really other people’s fault, or could some of it have even just a little bit to do with your sucky attitude?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Being in the wrong job can bring out the mean in anyone. The first step is admitting you’ve got yourself in a bit of a funk, then taking steps to do something about it – which means going about finding a job that empowers you to be the joyful legend you really are.

  1. You’re embarrassed about your job

When someone – whether it’s a friend, some rando at a networking event, or an [insert app of choice] date you actually want to impress – asks about work, how do you feel? If you low-key dodge the question, change the subject faster than you can say “abort mission”, or pray for the ground to swallow you up, deep down you might be embarrassed about your job.

Perhaps the values of the business you work for don’t match your own? Maybe your role doesn’t align with your personal or professional #goals? Perhaps your position is waaayy more junior than you’d like it to be? 

Whatever the reason, you deserve to feel proud of your job. You spend a big old whack of your waking hours doing it and, like it or not, work contributes to your sense of achievement and self – so festering in a role you don’t rate for too long is only going to eat away at your soul. (Trust us.) There’s something else out there – you just need to be brave and take the first step.

  1. You’re going nowhere

Had a disappointing review? Now, we know you read our top tips on how to slay your annual review. If you prepared, bigged yourself up, and accepted constructive criticism like an absolute boss, but your review was more disappointing than the end of GOT (don’t even get us started) in terms of future prospects, it might be time to look elsewhere.

Even if you love your role and your company, but there’s no room for you to grow professionally – which, we must add doesn’t always mean a promotion or pay-rise: professional development and learning is majorly underrated in our humble opinions – then the sad fact is you might need to carve out a path elsewhere.

Before you start firing CVs out left, right and centre, think: what do you want from your next role? How will you contribute to the business, and how will they contribute to your career? Take some time to level up your personal brand and write a kick-ass CV, so you’re super clear on what you want your journey to look like.

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As an added bonus, here's Lightning's CEO + Thunder, Thea Bardot (they/she) on stage giving their top hospitality hiring tips at the Independent Hotel Show 2023 below:

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