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The Best Travel Podcasts You Should be Tuning Into

The world has gone mad for podcasts over the last few years. 

No matter how obscure the topic, there’s someone, somewhere with a microphone and a makeshift recording studio in their kitchen churning out episodes for a dedicated band of listeners

Travel is an incredibly popular podcast genre, offering a method of fuelling your wanderlust whilst you’re on the go. 

Instead of zoning out or mentally planning your supermarket shopping list whilst you’re commuting to work, walking the dog or even just cooking dinner, a travel podcast can transport you to somewhere else entirely and inspire the urge to hop on a plane or a train and explore the rest of the world. 

All that, and you haven’t even had to step foot outside!

There are a lot of different podcasts about travel out there, and we mean A LOT. From destination-specific shows to roundtables with industry experts and series’ that document famous routes or journeys, there’s truly something for everyone if you put in the time to find it.

To help make your quest to find what to listen to a little easier, we’ve rounded up some of the best travel podcasts in the business to give you a little bit of inspiration next time you’re looking for something to tune in to.

Happy listening!

Travel With Rick Steves

Many people refer to Rick Steves as the ‘godfather’ of travel, so it makes sense that his podcast is at the top of our list of recommendations. The American writer and television presenter is an expert in European travel and has been to a wide range of different countries, including many off the beaten track that he encourages listeners to explore over more touristy destinations.

In each hour-long podcast episode, Steves talks to an author or travel expert about their experiences seeing different countries and learning about other cultures and people, sharing their knowledge and recommendations of what to see and do in a wide range of destinations. The show is more geared towards listeners in the USA, but it’s still full of valuable insights and recommendations that will certainly inspire you to get out and see more on your next trip.

Listen to Travel With Rick Steves if: 

You’re looking for a lengthy, in-depth travel podcast that’s just as educational and informative as it is inspiring.

You can find all episodes of Travel With Rick Steves here.

Amateur Traveler

Amateur Traveler is the perfect podcast if you’re got a specific holiday destination in mind and are looking for as much advice and insight as you can cram into your brain before you travel. Hosted by Chris Christensen, each episode is between 40 to 60 minutes long and focuses on a single location to provide listeners with advice on what to do, what to eat and where to visit. Guests are also sometimes invited on to talk about their experiences, offering even more unique insight into a place.

Listening to the Amateur Traveller podcast gives you a rough, week-long itinerary for every destination that the episodes cover, so it’s a great show to listen to if you’re visiting somewhere new, just starting to plan a trip or are looking for inspiration of where to go on your next holiday. Over 600 episodes date back to 2005, so there’s a hefty back catalogue to sink your teeth into (ooh-er!).

Listen to Amateur Traveler if:

You’re visiting somewhere for the first time and want recommendations on what you should do when you arrive, or if you’re looking for holiday inspiration and are keen to find out what different destinations have to offer visitors.

You can find all episodes of Amateur Traveler here.

Zero To Travel

Zero To Travel is another very popular podcast that covers literally everything you could want from a show about travelling. It’s hosted by self-confessed travel junkie Jason Moore who has a passion for adventure and wants to encourage his listeners to follow in his footsteps and explore the world ‘on their terms’ by inspiring wanderlust and sharing practical advice.

Episodes of Zero to Travel often involve interviews with other keen travellers, who share their stories with Jason and give the audience valuable insights and advice on everything from becoming a digital nomad to hopping across the globe on almost no budget. There’s a big focus on inspiring everyone to travel, no matter their situation or experience, so expect to feel your fingers itching to book a plane ticket every time you listen.

Listen to Zero To Travel if:

You’re after a podcast that shares valuable, actionable travel advice, you’re interested in hearing stories from some seriously adventurous explorers, or you’re just looking for a show that’s going to motivate you to try new things and explore new places whenever you tune in.

You can find all episodes of Zero To Travel here.

The Big Travel Podcast

Many people see travel as a way of learning more about themselves and the things that really matter in life. Those people will absolutely love The Big Travel Podcast.

Lisa Francesca Nand hosts this show, using her experience as a travel writer, filmmaker and media personality to engage in meaningful and entertaining conversations with a whole range of guests. Using the topic of travelling stories as a springboard for conversation, a wide variety of different discussions are had on this podcast that are enlightening both as travel advice and life advice in general.

Celebrity guests are common on The Big Travel Podcast, sharing their memorable travel anecdotes and unique insight into all kinds of destinations.

Listen to The Big Travel Podcast if:

You’re looking for one of the best podcast series that combines stories about travel with meaningful reflections on life, undercut with inquisitive humour and featuring a great mix of different guests.

You can find all episodes of The Big Travel Podcast here.

Luxury Travel Insider

If you’re after a travel podcast that specifically caters to those who enjoy more luxurious holiday experiences, Luxury Travel Insider is the best podcast to listen to. With insider tips, destination recommendations and discussions with plenty of big names in this sector of the travel industry, it’s a show that gives you insight into how luxury experiences are organised as well as advising which you should enjoy yourself.

The show is hosted by industry expert Sarah Groen who owns the luxury travel company Bell & Bly Travel, with episodes usually released twice a week. Whether you’re looking for inspiration on where to plan your next big holiday, or you just like to dream big when you’re imagining the places you might travel to in the future, there’s plenty to enjoy on this show.

Listen to Luxury Travel Insider if:

You want a podcast that focuses on luxury travel opportunities and advice in particular, or are just after some amazing travelling stories and inspiration describing the ultimate holiday experiences.

You can find all episodes of Luxury Travel Insider here.

Armchair Explorer

As the name suggests, Armchair Explorer is a must-listen podcast that is perfect for fans of travel who enjoy daydreaming about far-flung destinations just as much as they enjoy actually going out and seeing them. The show is hosted by award-winning travel writer Aaron Millar, who offers his audience much more than your bog-standard podcast interview.

The stories shared in Armchair Explorer are edited to be immersive listening experiences, complete with music and cinematic sound effects that help you to feel like you’re there with the guest in the jungle, the arctic wilderness, the edge of the ocean or even up on the International Space Station. It’s a travel podcast in a league of its own, and you’ll find yourself getting lost in the experiences shared every time.

Listen to Armchair Explorer if:

You’re after some of the best podcast episodes to inspire wanderlust and totally transport you from your living room or commute to a huge range of different destinations. Perfect for days when you’re dreaming of an escape from everyday life.

You can find all episodes of Armchair Explorer here.

Chronicles Abroad

Warning: Don’t listen to this podcast if you’ve been having thoughts about sacking off the daily grind and seeing the world on your own. You’ll have packed your suitcase and booked an open ticket within the week.

Chronicles Abroad is a podcast hosted by Nubia Younge and Frantzces Lys; two professionals who did just that. Both women followed their dreams and took a risk in travelling the world whilst figuring out the best way to continue making a living as they explored, and now they’re hosting a podcast sharing stories of how you can do the same thing as well.

Guests on the podcast range from digital nomads to creative thinkers from across the world, all of whom share their advice on how best to fuel a passion for travel whilst also fulfilling your professional dreams. Within the show’s back catalogue are some of the best podcast episodes to listen to if you’re looking for tales of inspiring personal growth that have travel and discovery at their heart.

Listen to Chronicles Abroad if:

You’re seeking inspiration to take that final step and follow your travel dreams, or you’re looking for a podcast that will teach you as much as it will inspire you.

You can find all episodes of Chronicles Abroad here.

Women Who Travel

This one’s for all the female adventurers and travel enthusiasts out there. Women Who Travel is a podcast produced and hosted by Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey; two editors of the luxury travel and lifestyle magazine and online publication Condé Nast Traveler, offering insight, inspiration and stories about the realities of travelling as a woman in today’s world.

Episodes cover all kinds of topics, from travelling with children to road tripping in your retirement and the spiritual, emotional and psychological benefits of solo and group travel. It’s not just a podcast for female listeners despite what the name suggests; there are lessons, tips and topics covered in the show that everyone can get something out of.

Listen to Women Who Travel if:

You’re a traveller of any gender who enjoys hearing stories from a wide range of backgrounds and are looking for advice and insight on a range of different issues and trends impacting travel today.

You can find all episodes of Women Who Travel here.


Podcasts are a fantastic way to find travel inspiration and enjoy a slice of escapism when you’re just going about your day as normal. Though life is returning to a semi-normal state at the moment, holidays without the worry of the pandemic still feel a long way off and sometimes all you want is to switch off and let someone else paint a picture of an unbeatable travel experience.

There’s something for everyone in the range of shows and episodes we’ve highlighted above, from inspiring interviews to immersive narratives and informal advice and recommendations. The next time you’re stuck for something to listen to, step away from your Spotify Daily Mix playlist and tune in to one of these instead.

Charge up your AirPods, click subscribe and get listening!

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