Call us cupid: What dating and recruitment have in common

January is a big month for dating apps. According to, the period between 26th December and 14th February sees 50 million messages sent and 1 million dates going down, with the first Sunday of the month dubbed “Dating Sunday” by Tinder on account of it being their busiest day for swiping in the whole year

Unsurprisingly, January’s busy on the recruitment scene, too. Hiring managers have their new-year budgets and a backlog of hiring that got forgotten about in the long, lazy wind-down towards the end of December. Candidates are either full of new year’s resolutions and vigour, or filled with Sunday blues on steroids after taking time off over the holiday – both of which prompt the same job-hunting enthusiasm.

Here at Lightning, we think dating and recruitment have a lot in common – at least, they do when you work with us. Let us explain.


We’re looking for relationships, not one-night stands.

If you’re mainly looking for fun in your love life, no judgement. But at Lightning, we’ll do more than just remember your name (if you’re lucky). Whether you’re a client or a candidate, we’ll ask all the right questions to understand your needs and motivations, so we can start building a beautiful, long-lasting relationship. 


We’ll take you to all the best places.

We work with some of the best-known brands in the travel and lifestyle industry. Not only that, we work exclusively – which means you won’t see those opportunities anywhere else. When candidates register your details with us, you get (figurative, we’re afraid) VIP access to the coolest hotels, travel designers, tour operators, representation companies and more.


We’ll introduce you to our friends.

With 8000 followers on LinkedIn, 2500 on Instagram (and growing fast), plus a little black book packed full of promising candidates, clients that partner with us get to be friends with our friends. Your social circle, a.k.a. talent pool, just got a whole lot bigger.


We’ll do the pre-date date, so you don’t have to.

You know the really non-committal date, where you meet for a quick coffee or drink to suss out if you’re dealing with a non-starter, before your mate calls on cue with an ‘emergency’ so you have an excuse to dash off? We research all the brands we work with thoroughly and meet every single candidate before we ever introduce you – so, if we do, you’ll know we think there’s potential.


We’ll help you write a banging profile.

Whether it’s your employer brand or your personal brand you’re building, we’ll help you craft a magnetic job spec or CV and cover letter that gets people swiping right. As for job boards, it’s a no from us.


We’ll never, ever ghost you.

There’s nothing worse than low-key falling in love with a role or candidate (purely professionally, of course), only to never hear from them again. We’d never do that to you. We reply to everyone and do our best to pass on useful feedback, whether it’s good news or not.


We’ll be your life partner.

At Lightning, we genuinely care. We stick by you long after you hire for the role or bag the job, because once we work with you we’re in it for life – as your careers coach, your business consultant, or just a friendly voice on the phone when you need it most.


Need a matchmaker? Call us cupid. We’ll help you find your next hire or find your next role and you can check out all our techniques here.


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