Community United - Trans inclusive TRUK FC announce Lightning as sponsors

September 12th, 2023: this date marked a significant milestone for the UK’s most inclusive football

club, TRUK United FC, as they cemented their position as a force to be reckoned with as they lift

their League winner’s trophy for the third time.

Players walked out in their brand new kit, for their five-a-side fixture against Chaos FC,

featuring two trans-owned sponsors: Lightning Travel Recruitment (that's us!) and our friends at Not A Phase.

TRUK United FC was formed by Trans Radio UK with the aim of playing five and eleven-a-side

fun, friendly and inclusive football all over the UK and beyond. The club raises much needed

funds for charities including TRUK Listens, Trans Radio UK’s helpline which was set up to

support gender non-conforming listeners needing someone to talk to.

The team which recently joined the GFSN (Gay Footballer Supporters Network) league, has

been incredibly successful, winning every match for the last two seasons, resulting in multiple

cup and tournament wins.

Thea Bardot (they/she), Thunder and CEO at Lightning Travel Recruitment, a consultancy

which consciously connects humans with businesses to help both thrive, explained: “Seeing our

name on the strip is a dream come true for me as providing safe spaces for people to be their

authentic selves, both on and off the pitch, is at the heart of everything we do."

“I myself am an ex LGBTQ+ grassroots player and manager, and former winner of the UK

National GFSN league, as well as a European+ World Silver medalist at the Eurogames and

Gay Games with London Titans FC, who my colleague Caolan Cassidy (he/him) now plays for! 

I have seen first hand the power that the sport has to bring people together."

Pictured: the team with their new kits and league winners medals + trophy

“This is why all the talk around limiting access to sport for trans people is so damaging; it

provides another reason to exclude our community, when all we really want is to live our lives

and that includes playing alongside our cis team mates."

“The success of TRUK United FC, not only in actually winning the five-a-side League but in

providing a safe space for anyone who wants to play, is testament to the power of acceptance

and inclusivity. I am incredibly proud to have the Lightning brand associated with the club.”

Not a Phase is a leading grassroots trans charity which supports trans+ adults. Chief Exec

Danielle St James, said:

“We cannot underestimate the importance of community for those who feel marginalised and

that is exactly what TRUK United FC provides. We are delighted to be sponsoring the club

which is doing incredible things to raise awareness of the importance of inclusivity in football,

making history with the UK’s first all trans feminine team in 2022, followed by the first all trans

masculine team in 2023. We can’t wait to see what they do next!”

Lucy Copsey, co-founder of TRUK United FC added: “This is a real moment of recognition for

our players. To have sponsorship and support from these two organisations which are not only

trans-led but which are actively committed day in day out to making things easier for gender

non-conforming individuals is truly empowering.

Pictured: a TRUK FC player proudly modelling their new kit!

“We would never have believed when we set out to create this team that we would be met with

so much love and acceptance - this is what sport should be. We can’t wait to see what this new

season will bring but one thing’s for sure, we plan to make our new sponsors proud.”

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TRUK UTD Facebook Page or or email

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As some bonus content, you can see our CEO, Thea Bardot (they/she) discussing all things trans+ in travel, in this incredible panel for Globetrender, below:

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