ED&WHY Series: 5 takeaways from our conversation with Ivna Reic - University of Northampton

Our ED&WHY Series is here to not only educate you on subjects within the ED&I space, but to provide the WHY behind them. 

We believe that using our platform to help amplify the voices of people with lived experiences around topics and empowering them to share their stories, that this will help bring about conversations and these conversations will lead to change

In Episode 2, we talk to Ivna Reic (she/her), head of Tourism & Hospitality at the University of Northampton. Be sure to follow Ivna on LinkedIn too: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivnareic


During the discussion we touch upon:

- Ivna’s work in creating a first of its kind ED&I module within a University Tourism & Hospitality degree in the UK.
- How this came about.
- Ivna’s personal relationship with ED&I.
- How have students reacted to the introduction of the module?
- Ivna’s advice to anyone wanting to launch similar initiatives within education.
- What travel, tourism and hospitality workplaces can be doing better to support University students that are graduating from travel & tourism degrees.


The full (16 minute) conversation can be found on our youtube channel , but for those of you who came here just for the highlights, we've listed some below for you [although the video is there to watch afterwards too, and is full of lived experience gems].


#1 Ivna has a message for the industry. Be better at engaging with academia. Not enough is currently being done to bridge the gap between future talent and current employers and as an industry we should be doing better.

#2 Northampton University is a change-maker university that is dedicating to creating social change and growing talent, including talent for the wider travel & hospitality industries.

#3 Northampton University is a 'post 1992 university' - there is a wide and diverse range of students being educated within the University and it is important that they are doing so in a safe space. 

#4 The FIRST IN THE UK ED&I module within a UK Travel & Hospitality degree begins in February 2023 at the University of Northampton - wow.

#5 The University has an amazing 'GEM' network Global Ethnic Majority Network in terms of staff educating themselves around race, as well as other initiatives around LGBTQ+ issues.


Go on, these are just a few of the many amazing learnings from this exchange, have a watch below:

And in case you missed Episode 1, you can learn all about ADHD via our conversation with Joseph Pack.

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