Job Hunt Tales: Adam

We wanted to put faces to the recruitment struggle that candidates are facing in 2020 to make hiring managers and recruiters aware of first hand experiences in the hope that people take note in order to better their candidate experiences. Today we spoke to Adam Traynor.

- What role were you in prior to 2020 happening? 

Before the madness started I had just left a role as a Senior Sales & Marketing Executive and started a new role as a Senior Account Executive for my dream Travel PR & Communications company. Then unfortunately due to the pandemic any growth plans stopped and then the day-to-day business took a hit so I was made redundant in October.

- How long were you with the company for?

 I was in my previous role for three and a half years and then worked in my new role for around a month before I was furloughed.

- So tell me in short how job hunting has been for you since? 

It has rather predictably been a bit of a Corona-coaster both emotionally and financially. I have been very successful in getting 1st and 2nd interviews but have always been pipped to the post by candidates with more experience or that the employer can 'plug-and-play' and invest less time in training.

- Have you had to take any part time roles? 

 I did try my hand at a couple of commission only roles, but soon found out that finding a full time job is a full time job in itself, so had to bring them to an end. I haven't really had time because of the amount of work that goes into interview prep to find a good part time fit.

- Have you used any recruiters (no need to name names)?

Yes, I have used plenty of recruiters...including yourself who I would gladly recommend to anyone!

- What has your experience with recruiters been like? 

Generally it has been very good. Of course there are some that are better than others and it is always nice to have someone fighting your corner that you can tell invests their time and energy into their candidates rather than the financial reward they get out of it.

- What advice would you give to hiring managers with live roles right now?

TAKE A CHANCE! I understand that in the current climate, there are plenty of candidates and relatively fewer jobs up for grabs so the employer can afford to be very selective. However, time and time again I have been told that I lost out to somebody with just a bit more experience in a particular system/software/process. As I always say, you can teach aptitude, you can't teach attitude. Experience isn't everything, and it would be nice to have an employer invest in a person's personality and potential rather than just whether they tick all the boxes on a job description.

- What have you struggled most with in your job search? 

Honestly, it has been 2 main things. Firstly the rejection - to spend days researching, understanding and falling in love with a brand, delivering the presentation or task to the best of your ability and then not being accepted for what seems a trivial reason is totally heartbreaking and demoralising. Secondly, it would be remaining positive - when you don't get the role and you have to start the whole process again it certainly takes a mental toll and once in the cycle it is extremely hard to switch off and take the mental health break that you need.

- What is your worst experience in an active job process this year?

Umm...I guess it would have to be losing out to a candidate that lived 15 minutes closer to the employer's office than I did ( least thats what they told me).

- If you could change one thing about recruitment processes, what would it be?

 I think there are two main things that recruiters in general do that don't sit well with me.

1: As I said earlier, it's lovely when you can tell a recruiter genuinely cares about their candidates and is emotionally invested. Unfortunately this tends to be the anomaly and not the rule...many recruiters just see candidates as a commission payment.

2: Whilst I understand their reasons behind doing so, it's not helpful to give candidates false hope. There is every reason to keep candidates' spirits up and keep them positive, but phrases like "'re the front runner...” or “...this role is yours mate..." only end up being harmful if the outcome isn't favourable.

- Tell our readers what roles you are looking for right now? 

I am currently looking for General Marketing, Account Management, Relationship Management and Business Development roles.

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