Job Hunt Tales: Nitisha

We wanted to put faces to the recruitment struggle that candidates are facing in 2020 to make hiring managers and recruiters aware of first hand experiences in the hope that people take note in order to better their candidate experiences. Today we spoke to Nitisha Garcha.

- What role were you in prior to 2020 happening? 
I was the UK Sales Executive for Sani Resorts and Ikos Resorts in Greece. I was based in U.K. and worked from home.
- How long were you with the company for? 
1 year

- So tell me in short how job hunting has been for you since? 
It has been a complete struggle, especially to find a job in the travel industry. The applications seem to be much tougher and interview processes are longer. The employers grill you more and reject you over anything, they have even lowered the salaries for positions.  I have been in the final stages for a couple of jobs and been rejected due to another candidate having accumulated more experience within the industry or even because the other candidate asked for less salary than myself, I actually got told that by one company! I have even thought about asking for less salary when applying for jobs and just settling for not even half of my past salary because of being worried and stressed. I am exhausted and have given up at times, as I just feel companies will reject me anyways, most companies don’t give feedback to candidates or you never hear back. However, I have hope there will be better opportunities in the New Year. I am trying to keep positive, Onwards and upwards!
- Have you had to take any part time roles? 
I can’t even get a part-time position! Most of my part time job experience has been in the hospitality and events industry for luxury brands. This industry has been affected badly by Covid as well. If I apply to another industry, they say I have no experience within the industry.
- Have you used any recruiters (no need to name names)?
Yes I have spoken to many recruiters, however, they are struggling themselves and do not hardly have any opportunities or opportunities for me. They have all promised me I will see some light in the New Year.
- What has your experience with recruiters been like? 
They have all been lovely and understand my situation. They feel awful as they are struggling as well. However, I feel like I have to chase certain recruiters as they don’t always call you back etc.
- What advice would you give to hiring managers with live roles right now?
Give candidates a chance who may not fit all the criterias in a role, people learn new skills quickly. Furthermore, look at their personality and character, not only their CV. The person is an investment for your company, talk to them nicely, give them a good salary - remember, the happier the candidate is the more motivated they will be to do the job; therefore make more money for the company!
- What have you struggled most with in your job search? 
Getting interviews, I have applied to a large amount of jobs and only had a few interviews.
- What is your worst experience in an active job process this year?
Being told I would have probably got the job if I requested less salary. It is as if they wanted a graduate to do an experienced individual’s role, it appeared to be literally the entire digital marketing for the company.
- If you could change one thing about recruitment processes, what would it be?
Stop creating long recruitment processes, if you are asking for a CV, scrap the online application. Why make it harder for yourself? Just use one recruiter, have 2 one hour interview stages and make the job deadline date shorter.
- Tell our readers what roles you are looking for right now? 
I am looking for sales executive/manager, account manager and marketing roles. I would prefer working in the travel and hospitality industries. However, am open to all industries. I have worked with many international luxury companies and done representation work for companies like the Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi, Oman Ministry of Tourism, hotels in Southeast Asia and have also done an internship abroad in the Cook Islands.

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