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Being new to the recruitment world i had no idea there was any beef between internal talent teams and agency recruiters. One of my first clients was the talent acquisition team at This is Beyond and i operated as an extension of their business, we had a great relationship. But now, after receiving various metaphorical middle fingers from internal TA's, i've realised this isn't the norm.

Here's the thing, i totally get it. Internal TA's with jobs on their desks right now are like catnip to the agency recruiter crew and i've heard from many they get up to 40 DM's a day from recruiters alone. This isn't counting the hundreds of messages and applications from's enough to turn even the most loving TA guru into a battle hardened Ms Trunchbull. 

But here's how i see it, if you employ just one agency (i.e me) you can utilise this agent to become an extension of your brand and they can help get the right candidates on your desk whilst you're bogged down with applications. The one agency (still me) can also take the time to get to know your company culture, hiring likes/dislikes, and passively hunt for you all year round, putting superstar candidates on your desk. #biggerpicture

I'm currently working with Edyn Group doing exactly that....we've worked together to implement a process where candidates are vetted by me based on their internal value system and ranked in 4 categories when they're sent over post interview. It's genuinely such a joy working as an extension of this team and being able to use 'we' instead of 'they' when chatting to candidates.

Now i know the internal recruiters amongst you will be saying 'cool story bro, but we don't have budget' or just simply 'we don't use recruiters' and to that i say...but WHY?! It will cost you more in the long run to hire the wrong person, it will cost you more to employ more internal TA staff, and why would you not want to improve candidate experience?

If you employ one agency (yep, you guessed i'll get back to every candidate personally that applies via our website, the role wont go on any job boards, candidates will remain informed and loved through all stages of the process and you'll have more time to focus on candidate experience your side.

Now is the time to work together, not stick your heads in the sand and justify not getting back to candidates because 'it's the market right now' the right thing and bring an agency on board, and make that agency Lightning ⚡️


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3rd November