Meet the team: Talent Consultant, Cimberlea Treadaway

We are SO excited to welcome our very first international hire Cimberlea (she/her) to the Lightning team! Cimberlea will be joining us as a freelancer initially, but we think it's important to treat all hires the same here, so we want you to get to know her and send some love to South Africa! 

Check out Cimberlea's sage advice below for candidates looking for their next role, clients looking to hire and of course, find out what Cimberlea's  *very relatable* guilty pleasure is outside of the office.

-In one sentence, explain what you do.

Carefully curate relationships to perfectly match a candidate to a trusted, valuable, reputable,

people-first company

-What made you want to work for Lightning?

The soft human approach, without intimidation or anxiety, when on the job market. I hold high

morals and values in my personal life which overflow into my recruitment career, making my focus

and missions align with Lightning.

- What’s the best part of your job?

Creating that safe space for the job seeker. Working on the bond and placing them in the best-

suited position for them. Making the process as thoughtful, calm, and respectful as possible.

- What does ‘professional’ mean to you – and how is it changing?

Professional means respect within the workplace. Without respect, professionalism dies. Without

professionalism, we regress to the start of us trying to recreate the diversity and people-first culture

we are slowly incorporating (successfully). Professionalism needs to be maintained within the

current standards of inclusion and respect around the differences we have amongst one another.

- Why do you think diversity and inclusion should be a focus for businesses?

Naturally, when people feel included and appreciated, their mood lifts and everything they do is done in a

positive mindset. As soon as someone works for a company that lacks inclusion and diversity,

where they don’t feel seen and heard – the work performance will degrade, affecting business as

well as another person's mental well-being, causing an unhealthy cycle.

- What advice would you give employers looking for fresh talent?

Be up to date with the times if you want your new hire to have respect and integrity

for your company. The way a company treats their staff will dictate how loyal a new

hire will be.

- What do you wish people knew about recruitment?

Its so much more than just a job, it's an entire lifestyle. Many of us are genuine people wanting to

help and make a difference.

- What’s your guilty pleasure outside of work?

Buying a new plant every time I go out, knowing I have so many, but that’s never enough.

- What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Its good to be selfish and put yourself first, because no one else is looking out for you, except you.

Once you are taken care of, you then create the capacity to be there for others in need.


Fancy a chat? We’re a friendly bunch here at Lightning – so go on, get in touch

If you love to lurk, you can connect with Cimberlea on LinkedIn or follow Lightning on LinkedIn, TIKTOK and Instagram

In the meantime, check out some of our youtube content below, Thea (they/she) talking about one of their favourite Lightning success stories:

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