Meet the Team: Talent Consultant, Jack Williams

Meet the Team: Talent Consultant, Jack Williams

If you’re looking for a bang average tennis player whose backhand needs serious work, Jack (he/him) is your guy. When he’s not seeking and guiding awesome individuals in finding their next role (his words, not ours!), you’ll find him high-key listening to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers… Or low-key watching Survivor.

In one sentence, explain what you do.

I seek out and guide awesome individuals in finding their next role, and work with business leaders to navigate the job market and maintain a strong employer brand.

What made you want to work for Lightning?

It was refreshing to meet a business that walks the walk as well as talking the talk!

What’s the best part of your job?

Supporting, empowering and reassuring candidates who may not feel confident in bringing their true self to a recruitment process.

What does ‘professional’ mean to you – and how is it changing?

Acting with integrity to achieve the best results. This could be a casual chat about the weekend to relax a nervous candidate, or some straight-up honesty with a client that their expectations are not realistic. It's a behaviour, not a look.

Why do you think diversity and inclusion should be a focus for businesses?

It's very difficult to grow in an echo chamber of your own opinions and experiences.

What advice would you give candidates looking for their next role?

Find an employer who represents values that align with yours – and don't be shy to ask about this!

What advice would you give employers looking for fresh talent?

Look for demonstrable evidence that a candidate can learn a skill or a system. Only considering the complete package often alienates the candidates who would be the best long-term hire for you.

What do you wish people knew about recruitment?

It's a diverse industry with a wide range of business models and operators. We're not all the same.

What’s your guilty pleasure outside of work?

I once put a beef chow mein on top of a pizza…

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

It's never too late to pivot and start something new.


Fancy a chat? We’re a friendly bunch here at Lightning – so go on, get in touch


If you love to lurk, you can connect with Jack on LinkedIn or follow Lightning on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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26th November

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