Meet the Team: Talent Consultant, Robyn Lee

Ex-wrestler, lover of punk-pop covers, and ‘Undateables’ addict Robyn never saw herself fitting into the standard ‘professional’ office environment. We say it’s just as well she ended up at Lightning, where she can bring her whole self to work – and help others do the same. Read on to find out her insider tips for candidates and employers…

In one sentence, explain what you do.

I scour the world for the absolute top talent – both by CV and culture fit – and get them into roles with the best luxury travel companies around.

What made you want to work for Lightning?

I’ve always wanted to venture into HR/Recruitment/People and the Lightning ethos, processes and culture spoke to me. Then I met the team and was like *heart eyes emoji*!

What’s the best part of your job?

I get to speak to so many different people from so many different backgrounds, everyone with different experiences. We can learn so much from each other, even in a recruitment setting, because of how we do things at Lightning.

What does ‘professional’ mean to you – and how is it changing?

Long answers only: I never saw myself fitting into a ‘professional’ environment, because I’m not all officewear and uniform, putting on a front so I come across like everyone else. People are beginning to feel more comfortable in themselves, taking their whole selves to work, and I think some industries are embracing that. The rest need to catch up!

Why do you think diversity and inclusion should be a focus for businesses?

We all experience life in different ways. From how we’re treated and spoken to, to how we’ve lived, the food we’ve eaten, and the places we’ve been. It’s important to embrace and celebrate that. On top of that, we have a LONG way to go in understanding each other – and a diverse workplace helps.

What advice would you give candidates looking for their next role?

First: know what you want, and know your worth. Second: make yourself stand out, and show your personality in everything.

What advice would you give employers looking for fresh talent?

The person you see on paper isn’t always the person you meet. People are so much more than a CV. Be open-minded – you just never know where the perfect candidate is coming from.

What do you wish people knew about recruitment?

Perhaps not in all recruitment, but certainly here at Lightning… If we’ve messaged you, it’s because you’ve been headhunted. We tailor our searches to find the best people, so if we’re in touch it’s worth the conversation!

What’s your guilty pleasure outside of work?

They aren’t making any more, but the Channel 4 show ‘The Undateables’. So many incredible characters, just looking for love. I’m watching through it now, actually. That, and pop music covered by punk bands.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

My old wrestling coach told me, “Take time to look after yourself now, instead of being worse off later”. He meant physically, but I’ve always put it towards my mental health too.


Fancy a chat? We’re a friendly bunch here at Lightning – so go on, get in touch

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