Office-ially over

We don’t really need to tell you this, but the UK Government is really out of touch with the views of the British public, right? Back in March, Rishi Sunak was quoted saying that employers MUST allow their staff to return to the office, or they would “vote with their feet” and consider quitting to work for a competitor.

He wasn’t totally wrong. Staff will absolutely vote with their feet and leave, but for the exact opposite reason. Out of 2,000 randomly selected workers, 49 per cent of employees said they would change jobs after the pandemic if they could not work in their preferred location. Two thirds said that a combination of home and office working would be the best solution, due to the time saved on commuting and an improved work-life balance.

People are making their thoughts known, but whyyy are some employers still dragging their feet when it comes to employees having flexibility with how they work?

Gone are the days where dress down Fridays and free fruit in the office are seen as company perks y’all.

Employers need to understand that hybrid working is here to stay and what better way to be seen as a company who actually gives a s*** about their employees than making hybrid working part of their culture?

There are many, many advantages to embracing this way of working, the main one being staff retention. Keep those superstar employees who smash it everyday and watch them shine one!

Other advantages, we hear you ask? We got you!

You can hire incredible talent both locally and across the globe (oh heeeeey)

Your employees will work to their strengths and raise productivity! Some people work amazingly well in the quiet of their homes, others thrive off being in a community environment. Why not ASK your staff what makes them happier?

You can be that company that not only talks the talk when it comes to inclusivity, but also walks the walk. Working from home gives people with disabilities or medical conditions the chance to work comfortably, while staying connected to their colleagues.

Fewer in-house employees = less chances of colds, the flu and COVID nastiness. Need we say more?

No matter how we look at it, a hell of a lot of employees are just not ready or willing to return to the workplace full time. Staying flexible to their needs is more critical now than ever, if you want to keep the good uns!!

If you do have people wanting to return to the office? Let’s be flexible there too – how about allowing them to set their preferred work hours and providing personal, distraction – free workspaces?

How is your company approaching hybrid working? Will you be going back to the office full time? Let us know what you think! We will get back to you during our flexible working hours, either from the office or poolside (one day soon).

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14th June