After launching our Job Tales series and seeing candidates friends sharing their stories on LinkedIn we were inspired to write a piece on how to support all your friends, ex-colleagues and loved ones that are #opentowork ,so we put together our top 5 tips on how to help below:

1. Give Them A Boost 

Whether you give them a call, arrange a game of Uno on Houseparty, or send them a home-made food package- just letting them know you're there for them and they are thought about will go a long way. Losing a job can really affect peoples sense of purpose, so it's more important than ever to let your friends know they are valued.

2. Be A Second Pair of Eyes

Take an active role in your friend's job search. If you see a role they could be a good fit for, send it their way or tag them in it. They might not always reply and the roles might not always be 100% right, but just knowing someone else is helping goes a long way. Do not however, continuously ask how the job search is going, it's probably all they're thinking about so a change of subject will likely be welcomed! You can also offer to review their CV / cover letters for grammar/ideas.

3. Write An Unprompted Recommendation

People are reluctant to ask for these, so doing one for them can really help. You can write a status on LikedIn about how awesome your friend is, write them a recommendation on their profile, or if you know a hiring manager for a role they're applying for then give them a side message to hype them. Job searching can drain confidence so knowing someone thinks you're capable can be a real boost.

4. Be A Sounding Board

Don't get it twisted, your out of work friends likely don't want to hear about your nightmare boss when you're taking home a steady pandemic salary, or how bored you are on full pay furlough. Sometimes taking the time to listen to their woes even a simple UGH can go a long way so they feel seen and heard. Remember we may all be in the same storm, but we're hella not in the same boats right now.

5. Share/Comment/Like Their Content

This is so important in this marketplace - help them connect via LinkedIn with people in your network that could aid their job search, comment so people outside of their network can see them, share their profile. It's free, you never know who in your network will see it and ultimately roles are continuously being filled through methods like this as companies look to save £££ on recruitment.

Let's use our platforms as a force for good and get the industry moving again. Feel free to start by sharing this article amongst your networks - be the change you want to see.

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15th January