Our Favourite Black Owned Travel Companies

We are all aware of the lack of diversity and inclusion within the travel industry, and we as a company understand and know that there needs to be CHANGEEthnic minorities are consistently marginalized and appear non-existent within senior roles. We believe our workplaces, board meetings and industry need to showcase the diverse, rich culture we as a community and world have been privy to. Our workplaces need to reflect that of society, because we all have something amazing to contribute.

In light of this, we as Lightning present to you our favourite Black Owned Travel Companies.

The Black Explorer 

The Black Explorer is a platform for the Black traveller’s narrative to exist globally. They aim to spearhead the black travel community by sharing experiences in the media. This media being ‘The Black Explorer Magazine’ a print magazine which amplifies the Black narrative within travel. They desire to help the adventurous travellers who are looking for new and exciting experiences. 

Their mandate consists of : 

  • amplifying the profile of Black travellers, our stories and our craft ,

  • Inspiring  travel industry to see Black travellers and recognise our experiences,

  • Connecting with you and taking you on journeys through the lens of the Black creator.

The Black Explorer highlights the merge between travel and media, and how we can use publications to amplify the black travel voice and showcase the many things that the Black travel community is doing. 

Murs Entertainment Travel 

Murs Entertainment Travel is an independent travel company catering to the Sports, Media and Entertainment industries. They are the only black owned Entertainment Travel agency in the UK.  They tailor their services to musicians, sports athletes and online media companies. Dealing with tour schedules, and providing arrangements building their tour. As well as working in film and production, and providing hotel rooms for your clients and crew. There is nothing too small or big for this agency and their desire to meet all your travel needs pertaining to Sports, Media and Entertainment is a niche that the travel industry needs! 

The Travel Boxx 

The Travel Boxx is a quarterly travel subscription box filled with 5 TSA-Approved essential items, carefully curated to save travellers time and money. The founder Caroline Sande understood the frustrations of packing and having to buy items that you forgot. Caroline wanted to provide a service that solves this problem - every three months, you will receive your box with five must-have products ranging from tech gadgets, smart travel options to skincare and snacks. The Travel Boxx is an innovative and useful service that makes the travel experience a bit less stressful, we all know how stressful packing can be but this box puts you at ease knowing you have your essentials.  

Black Travel Go 

Black Travel Go highlights the importance of travel being wellness and wellness being a journey. It is a digital community that shares travel experiences. It merges the importance of taking care of your body, mind and soul and accompanying that with travel. It is a community where you can find like-minded individuals and find inspiring stories of black digital nomads. 


The Travel industry is such a diverse and rich place, not only are their companies dedicated to taking travellers on journeys across the world, where they experience rich culture and traditions. There are also services available to help elevate the travel experience, as well as help you meet like-minded individuals along the journey. We at Lightning are pleased to know these services are being championed by Black individuals, and these individuals are taking the travel industry by storm. 

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29th August