Our Favourite Hotel Lobbies

We want to share with you five of our favourite hotel lobbies in London! London is home to some of the most beautiful, creative and unique hotels in the world. From craftsmanship to design, it is the hot-spot for new and innovative lobby styles. We had the opportunity to visit three of our favourite hotel lobbies and were able to gauge the feel of these lobbies and what the designers were trying to convey when people walked in. 

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The Treehouse Hotel London

The Treehouse Hotel London situated in the chic Marylebone neighbourhood was by far the most creative out of the five. As soon as you walk in, you are met with an array of branches and leaves around the ground floor cafe - you almost feel like you are in a treehouse! The tan wood accentuates the rural feel and gives a quite homely experience to your stay. As you go up the lift, it’s almost like you are being transported to another place. The lobby being on the fifteenth floor, also tallies as being the Madera Restaurant where you can be wined and dined, whilst waiting for the key to your room. The sixteenth floor is home to The Nest Rooftop Bar, (see below),  which overlooks the beautiful view of London. 

Andaz London Liverpool Street 

A  regal and stylish lounge coupled with a modern and minimalist lobby, The Andaz Hotel.  Met with an extremely fresh and light scent when entering, The Andaz coupled minimalism with colour and intricate decor. With wooden bars around the right hand side of the lobby, it was paired with colourful artwork resting upon it. The bright red chair, the vintage brown sofa and the high table with accompanying high stools highlighted the hotel's attention to detail. It’s dedication to not only provide class and poise but also fun and laughter.

The Hoxton Hotel Shoreditch 

In the edgy area of Shoreditch, The Hoxton Hotel emulates the area of that which it is in. Filled with personality, music and people, this lobby took me by surprise! The Hoxton Grill takes up most of the lobby where people are able to order burgers, delicious starters or just have a drink. But also, there are many workspaces where people can sit down and focus on their own personal projects. The busy sounds of the hotel highlighted to me their love for community, a desire to see the merge between our work life and our personal lives, and most importantly a hotel dedicated to bringing people together. 

Inhabit Hotels 

A hotel committed to giving all guests a ‘restorative experience from which guests emerge nourished, rested and inspired.’ The Inhabit Hotel’s lobby is a mixture of bright colours and white ceramic floors. The orange, green and monochromatic wall all come together to give you an element of surprise when you walk in, not knowing what you will expect when you go up to your room. The Inhabit Hotel’s dedication to wellness shows their desire to bridge the gap between mental and physical health and your lifestyle.              

Good Hotel London 

The Good Hotel lobby has an extremely serene and calming atmosphere to it. The neutral colour palette allows it to not only be inviting but also give  a sense of peace when walking in. The plants dotted around the lobby also gives it a quite natural feel and enhances the look of the space - adding colour and life to the lobby. The Good Hotel is also dedicated to providing long-term unemployed people with the opportunity to build a career in hospitality.  They are also extremely conscious in the  way they build their hotel, ensuring that they reuse and recycle as well as sourcing food both locally and sustainably. The Good Hotel does not just have a beautiful lobby but is committed to making the world a better place. 


London is home to some of the best hotels in the world and we are even more privileged to have hotels that have such great ethos and values. Lightning is always dedicated to the stories of the companies we work with, and we love that our five favourite lobbies also share our values. 


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5th October