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Recruitment processes, especially those in the travel recruitment world have been the subject of lots of our chats recently with both clients and candidates alike. Surprisingly for us, the amount of candidates pulling out mid-process has risen dramatically recently compared to pre-covid so we wanted to see if there was indeed something up...and if so, what can clients do to keep top candidates engaged. 

Firstly let's look at this stat, from a survey I put up on Linkedin recently: 

That's 62% of my LinkedIn connections saying they've lost faith in travel recruitment processes, so those looking for travel jobs specifically, a sector that's been hit hardest by 2020, are becoming increasingly disillusioned. 

As a consultancy based recruiter, I look at travel & lifestyle recruitment processes with the client before accepting the business. I'm a big believer in how candidates are treated in the interview process is a fair reflection of what they'd expect if they land the job...but i see more and more people neglecting the candidate experience and citing 2020 as an excuse. 

Let me be clear, travel recruitment best practice should not stop because there are more candidates than ever before in the market, and i'll tell you why:

- Most candidates are less battle hardened and more battle weary right now, having applied for hundreds of jobs to near no replies. Long waits in between interviews and little to no feedback will make them leave the process.

- Holding back information on the company or salaries and not being personable in interviews is a huge red flag to candidates right now, be human and be transparent in order to gain candidates trust.

- Interview processes that are over 3 rounds long and no mention of start dates are set up to fail. Candidates wouldn't stick around for this long pre-covid and they certainly wont now, when they are much warier of business practice.

- Not letting candidates talk in phone / video interviews as you've decided they aren't right for the role, but just want to phone them to tick a box. Remember these candidates want to be heard, ask open ended questions and show them some love...they will let their network know about bad interviews/hiring managers and your brand will suffer.

- Get back to everyone and be prepared to give feedback. Yes it's crazy right now, but i've noticed a huge decline in the amount of people applying for jobs recently because they're tired of applying and not trusting of roles being 'real' or not. If candidates are taking the time to apply then make sure you are replying with human feedback.

And if you're a candidate wanting to limit being messed around in recruitment processes, then here's some tips to know when a company is hiring for the right reasons, and has their sh*t together:

- They have one recruiter working for them on a headhunt basis, who knows the role inside out and is able to answer all your questions, not a ton of recruitment agencies/job boards hounding you.

- Their internal recruitment team is switched on and forthcoming with information about the process and the company position and why they are hiring for the role.

- They let you know a defined start date for the role and talk you through the steps you will go through if successful.

- They are transparent with pay and talk through company values and the wider team.

- They do not grill you on other recruitment processes you are in to gain insight into their competitors.

Hiring managers, remember that although there is a ton of talent out there right now, you do NOT have the pick of the bunch just because you have a role. You are accountable for your behaviour and candidates will remember them post Covid.

Candidates, it's okay to be wary of roles right now, but ensure you have an open line of communication with hiring managers / recruiters to avoid knee jerk reactions. We know it's tough out there but transparency works both ways.

Travel recruitment is going through a tough time right now, there are travel jobs out there and with the positive news of vaccines and travel corridors near daily there will be more travel jobs to come in 2021. Be kind to each other, let's keep this amazing industry sharing the love.

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