Thunder comes before Lighting

It's Chris here, and i thought i'd tell you the story of how Lightning came to be, as i hope it can inspire others in these dark times we're experiencing at the moment. In 2019 I'd unfortunately had health issues that meant i had to have an operation with a long recovery time, so was out from March-June 2019 bedbound and unable to work. I was then unexpectedly rushed to hospital in July 2019 for a second, more serious, operation. The reality was at this stage that i had run out of sick leave, was unable to do desk work again & had to resign from a job i loved, which was devastating. 

Having already moved back in with my folks & away from friends i was alone and had lost all purpose, but decided to work on an idea i'd had about travel recruitment whilst in bed on ALL the good drugs. I got to beavering away at my laptop and conceptualised Lightning in the form you see it today & then launched on 30th September all good things i decided on the name in the pub with my old team! The journey to getting the brand live was long days in bed on my laptop and just working away...a luxury i wouldn't have had if i was in full time employment.

Lightning was born out of what were very bleak circumstances for me and a year later in the midst of more uncertainty thanks to 2020 i'm now revealing our first rebrand, which i couldn't be more excited about. I literally couldn't believe my luck when all the hard work to get this business off the ground was seemingly crumbling around me during this pandemic, but I dug my heels in and refused to give up on my dream without a bloody good fight first. Even in times of uncertainty you can find the strength to do something you love & sometimes it will even bring out the best in you. So i'd love to say to everyone to take that risk, invest in something that scares the sh*t out of you - life is too short to say you've not at least tried.

Silicon Valley investors will ask how many failed business' people have had, and if the answer is none you're unlikely to get an investment as they want you to fail with your money not theirs. It's okay to fail...this climate should not be feared but embraced - BACK YOURSELVES⚡️

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31st October