Travel recruitment needs a facelift

Travel recruitment right now is a complete clusterf*ck, let's be honest. The market is unpredictable at best, candidates are worn out and have battle scars and you're likely not getting the applications you thought you would organically on your job ad.....

As i was writing this post i've just got a call from a first time travel recruitment user who voiced exactly that - candidates just aren't applying for roles like at the beginning of the pandemic. So how can a job ad change that i hear you ask? 

So here's 3 easy tips to implement on your JD's:

1. Be Transparent

Candidates are burned out from applying to (in some cases) thousands of jobs over the past 18 months. They've had some awful experiences and wasted countless hours applying for roles via clunky application systems, edited their CV's more times than they've watched re-runs of friends and been ghosted more times than on Tinder. If you're not up front about salary, working environment/expectations and the overall interview process from the get go then you can wave goodbye to an application from top candidates. You can also use the interview process to showcase your values and engage the candidates, but i'm not giving away ALL our tips just yet.....

2. Show your Values

Companies are struggling to sell the benefits of being on call 24-7 for a £25K role now that there's no promises of fam trips and champagne lunches to entice them. Now candidates are instead looking for a company that has strong values and will look after their staff and value basic pay over OTE. You need to stand by your values and provide benefits to staff to show them they'll be looked after. Easy things to implement are an enforced mental health day a month, flexible / hybrid working and looking at your overall HR policies to ensure they are reflective of the modern worker.

3. Opportunities not Duties

There is nothing worse on a job spec than half of it being taken up by what YOU need from a person, written out in line by line duties that are soul destroying to read. Remember you're trying to sell the role to a candidate and this is anything but. Just by changing duties to opportunities and including a 'day in the life' overview you'll change the narrative of the role and be able to highlight growth plans to prospective employees. Better. 

Feel free to get in touch to discuss how working with us will help you to better understand the mindset of candidates right now and help attract the top talent that you deserve. We'll look at everything from your current pay scale company wide, recruitment processes and even your working environment and make suggestions to help you make real change in the industry when it comes to attracting and retaining staff.

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Travel recruitment done right ⚡️

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