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Ask anyone (like CatrinaAlessandra, or Ollie): one of the best things about working in travel and hospitality is the people. We’re a motley crew with eclectic tastes, interests and backgrounds – not to mention colourful career histories… Because travel and hospitality is full of people who’ve – dare we say, “seen the light” and – made the switch from other industries.

If you’re on the hunt for a new career in travel and hospitality and worrying about sticking out like a sore thumb, fear not. To put your minds at ease, we’ll be introducing you to a whole bunch of delightful new recruits who’ve recently found their groove in our industry (thanks to a little help from Lightning). 

(And if you’re an industry old-timer, make them feel welcome the best way you know how, yeah?!)

Pictured: Yared Heller (he/him)

This month, we’re chatting to Yared Heller (he/him), who joined one of our fabulous clients as an Latin America Travel Designer in June 2023 (go on – give him a little LinkedIn love!). What's more - they're recruiting again and you too could join Yared as a luxury travel designer, even if you've never worked in travel before. Read on to find out why he decided a job in travel was worth cutting short the trip of a lifetime…and check out our live roles here.

Where were you working previously – what was your role and industry?

Before starting at Jacada I travelled Latin America whilst teaching English online at the same time, starting in Argentina and finishing all the way up in Mexico.

What made you decide to move into travel and hospitality?

It sounds odd, but I’d never thought of the travel and hospitality industry as a career! I remember very clearly absentmindedly scrolling through my LinkedIn feed in a hostel in Nicaragua and the job popping up… I thought it looked super interesting, so I applied and next thing I knew I was cutting my trip six months short to move to London and start at Jacada.

What’s been the biggest challenge in switching industries?

When I was teaching English online I was freelance and only working part-time, so moving to a full-time job back in the UK has taken some adjusting to. But I'm loving the challenge!

What have you most enjoyed about switching industries?

I most enjoy that my job is to plan people's dream holidays. It inevitably leads to fascinating and enjoyable conversations with clients, which is something I really value about the role.

What advice would you give to candidates considering moving into travel and hospitality?

If you're passionate about travel and the opportunity comes up to move into the industry, take it – because you never know when it's going to come around again!

Want to make the switch to a career in travel and hospitality? You won’t regret it. Check out our current roles, or book a free Lightning Lounge session for top-drawer advice on how to make it in the best industry in the world.*

*In our humble opinion


As some bonus content, you can catch our CEO Thea Bardot (they/she) giving their top tips on hiring in luxury hospitality, filmed on stage at the Independent Hotel Show.

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