Why travel and hospitality: Lloyd Sceats‑Page, Jo Webb & Tom Proctor

It’s no secret we love travel and hospitality here at Lightning. In fact, we think it’s the best industry in the world – and we’ll tell anyone who’ll listen.

Granted, that might sound a teensy bit biased coming from a crew who spend our days recruiting people – from within the industry and from other industries – for travel and hospitality roles… 🤔

So, to prove it’s not just chat, we called on a diverse mix of legends in various roles across the industry to share their views on what it’s like to work in travel and hospitality, as well as offering up invaluable advice for newbies to the biz. 

This month, it’s over to Ocean Holidays’ Lloyd Sceats‑Page, Ariosi Group's Jo Webb, and The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences’ Tom Proctor.

Lloyd Sceats‑Page (he/him) – Sales Performance Manager for Ocean Holidays

Why do you love working in travel and hospitality?

We have the best job in the world! We help people create memories for special occasions, plan weddings, celebrate anniversaries (sometimes divorces!), and so many other milestones along the way. Every trip is unique or has its own personal meaning to your customer, so being part of that really is special.

What makes it different to other industries?

100% the people. The travel industry is a united force who all have a strong passion for travel. Although we love a bit of friendly competition, your competitors can also be great friends and soon be part of your working community!

What’s your advice for candidates who are new to the industry?

Network! So many free events are put on across the UK to help further knowledge on products and destinations. It’s so important to meet others in the industry – especially if you’re new to it – to share ideas and success stories, along with staying in the know about hotels, destinations, and airlines.


Jo Webb (she/her) – Head of Orbirelo for Ariosi Group Ltd

Why do you love working in travel and hospitality?

The people – it truly is an industry of amazing people and I’m super lucky to now call people I’ve met in the industry my closest friends.

What makes it different to other industries?

The collaboration in travel and hospitality – between what other industries would consider 'rivals' – just makes my heart happy. There's enough business out there for us all, so it's so refreshing to be in an industry that recognises this and is always on hand to help out when needed. My fave term from our industry: we’re all 'frenemies'.

What’s your advice for candidates who are new to the industry?

Firstly: welcome to the best industry in the world! The more you put into the industry, the more you’ll get out of it. So work hard, play hard, ask if you ever need anything, and shoot for the stars. :)


Tom Proctor (they/them) – HR & Inclusion Co-ordinator for The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences

Why do you love working in travel and hospitality?

For me, it's the pace and energy of people always coming and going that makes it feel like a very present industry – much like in a mindfulness way. I don't get stuck thinking months and years ahead nearly as much when there are always people coming through the door and something happening and to focus on in the here and now. 

In that sense, I also find it feels much more connected: we're thinking about how we can best welcome the person in front of us with what they need and want now, rather than the more abstract thinking around the possibilities when future-planning. 

Of course, in my role I still deal a lot with what's coming later down the line and how we can best prepare ourselves for the future, but that key focus on the present is great at keeping me grounded and realistic about what I can do with my time.

What makes it different to other industries?

The biggest difference I've noticed so far in my nine months of working in travel and hospitality is the rich diversity of people the industry attracts. The last industry I worked in was much more homogenous in terms of the people there, and it felt like a lot of conversations were focused around preserving old enshrined standards and ideals, rather than working in the much more creative- and people-led way I see in travel and hospitality. 

I see that diversity across the board – not just in the usual ways we might think of diversity in terms of protected characteristics, but also in terms of backgrounds and lived experiences. I've heard so many wonderful and varied stories from the people I work with now about what they did before, how they've got to where they are, and what they've done and seen along the way. I think the industry is so much better for it.

I also find the people here to be pretty grounded, by and large – where that comes from, I think, is a mixture of that now-focused mindset that keeps people firmly in the present moment, and the fact that guest service is such a core part of what we do. There's a great humility in serving guests in the way that we do and beautiful examples of connection all around, as we help to meet the needs of our guests and clients in such a short amount of time after first meeting them.

What’s your advice for candidates who are new to the industry?

If you’re worried about belonging, trust that those concerns will be unfounded. These are people whose work is in welcoming people, making them feel at home, and serving others in a non-judgemental way – and they’ll do the same for you, whether you’re a guest or a colleague.

As a nonbinary queer person walking into an entirely new and unfamiliar environment and industry, I was worried about the resistance and pushback I might receive, being openly out at work and using they/them pronouns. From day one, I’ve been met with supportive, understanding colleagues and many who have asked respectful, appropriate questions to help me feel more at ease here and to encourage nuanced discussion and learning. 

Of the two industries I've worked in during my career so far, I didn't expect travel and hospitality to be stronger on diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging, and yet I've felt welcomed and valued in a way I'd never experienced in a workplace before.


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