Why travel and hospitality: Kane Savage, Ella Dunham & Niels​​​​ Bouter

Travel and hospitality is the best industry in the world. (We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.) Don’t believe us? These industry heroes might just convince you… 

If you’re new to the industry, read on to discover what makes travel and hospitality different, along with their best advice for carving out a fulfilling career in the industry (spoiler alert: a great mentor will get you a long way). 

Of course, if you’re a seasoned pro it’s a case of #IYKYK. Read on to check out what your peers love about working in travel and hospitality – then get in touch to tell us why it has your heart (you might even feature on these very pages!).

Kane Savage (he/him) – Director of Sales - Travel Industry, Langham Hotels and Resorts

Why do you love working in travel and hospitality?

It has to be the people and the opportunity to see and learn about the world. I work with clients in every continent and continue to travel globally to see them. These relationships and opportunities to explore the world have truly shaped me into the person I am today. 

What makes it different to other industries?

It can be very demanding, with long hours and hard work, but the rewards are there. 

What’s your advice for candidates who are new to the industry?

I've been lucky enough to have strong industry leaders around me to support and mentor me. If you can't find any official mentorship programmes, create your own! 


Ella Dunham (she/her) – Head of Marketing at Exsus Travel

Why do you love working in travel and hospitality?

How could I not love looking at some of the most beautiful places in the world every single day? I stumbled into the industry when I was just 18, having got an apprenticeship straight out of sixth form. Now, I’d never leave. That’s a very common thing within travel: people stay and never leave – which I think is very telling.

I love that the industry is huge, yet feels small. There’s a real sense of community, especially since the pandemic, where we’ve seen that everyone rallies together and wants to see each other succeed.

What makes it different to other industries?

The people, the opportunities, the community as a whole, the diversity. It's not merely about reaching a destination; it's the people you meet along the way, the opportunities for personal growth, the sense of community forged with fellow travellers and travel professionals in places across the world, and the diversity of cultures encountered. Unlike many industries driven solely by transactions, travel is a transformative journey that encompasses the spirit of exploration, connection, and shared experiences.

What’s your advice for candidates who are new to the industry?

Be a sponge – learn, learn, learn! Do every online course, engage with every webinar, connect with whoever you can. Build your network and your network will always be there to support you. That means going to events, speaking to as many people as you can, and connecting with other industry professionals. The vast majority of the opportunities I’ve been presented with have been a result of the people I’ve met, so it’s important to connect with as many people as you can and build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with those who’ll support you on your journey through the industry.


Niels Bouter (he/him) – Front of House Manager at Sea Containers

Why do you love working in travel and hospitality?

I love working in hospitality because of its people! People working in hospitality are so driven and motivated; working with these passionate people is one of the most rewarding aspects of working in hospitality. Bringing a smile to guests and customers and making sure they have the best experience possible brings me a lot of joy, and working together as a team to achieve this makes the shared reward even better.

What makes it different to other industries?

I think the hospitality industry is so unique because it’s an industry that encompasses so many other industries. As a hospitality professional you’re involved in the operational, financial, commercial and people side of a business, which is an amazing learning experience.

What’s your advice for candidates who are new to the industry?

My best advice would be to find a good mentor, especially at the start of your career. I personally had an amazing mentor who showed me the ins and outs of the hotel industry and really set me up for success. Other than that, I think it’s really important to build your own network within the industry and meet as many people as you can!


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