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Thea Bardot


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Thea (they/she) is the Thunder and CEO of luxury travel and lifestyle recruitment firm Lightning Travel Recruitment. Having never worked a day in recruitment in their life, Thea founded the company because of frustrations with current recruitment agencies and their ways of working. Since it's launch in 2019 Lightning has become a disruptive brand in the recruitment world, taking a traditional recruitment consultancy model and giving it a personality. Thea was named as one of LinkedIns top 10 UK LGBTQIA+ creators for 2022 and has been featured in the Daily Mail and the Independent for their activism.

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“Chris is the recruiter extraordinaire, personable, fun, human, and CARES about his candidates when so many recruiters don't. I couldn't recommend him more highly.”

Mathilde Merchez

“What really sets Lightning apart is how much they get to know the companies they are recruiting for and how much they got to know me. Talking to any of the team, I could be completely myself, which not only made the process a joy, it also meant I feel confident that the job I accepted is the right role for me, aligned to my priorities and values. Lightning have been my biggest champions, cheering me on throughout.”

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